Freedom Within Destiny

Am I freely choosing everything in my life—like writing this terribly long post—or is everything I do already predestined and controlled by some unseen forces of the multiverse? Perhaps some combination of both? It’s time to put this ever-nagging topic to rest once and for all! Or at least shed a little light on it….
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Everything Kids Animated Short

What do you get when you combine Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up & Showing Up? You Lighten Up! I've been working on a video that's finally ready for your viewing pleasure. The mission statement for my troupe speaks to the importance of keeping your inner child alive as you grow up….
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Constructive Disagreement

What if we focused on decreasing the fear in someone rather than trying to make the better argument? You may have noticed that your best arguments can actually exacerbate someone’s fear because it feels like you disapprove of them or are trying to overpower them….
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Beyond Postmodernism

One year ago today I gave a presentation at Naropa University on what I believe Integral Theory has to offer to the field of counseling/coaching. I give a brief overview of the stages of human development and show how extreme versions of the stage broadly known as postmodernism can and do become problematic….
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Waking Up

It’s becoming increasingly clear that systems created from a paradigm of separation, isolation and extraction are unsustainable and that we’re heading towards a collective existential crisis. Because of this, self-transcendence is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity for the survival of our species….
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The Four Immeasurables

THE FOUR IMMEASURABLES are an emotional map to help us align with our most life-enhancing qualities and know when we are missing the mark. If you want to “fake it ’til you make it” it helps to know what you should be faking/making. They are called immeasurables because the benefits that come from practicing them are said to be so immense they are immeasurable….
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Psychiatric Overmedication

Could school shootings be prevented by turning UP the therapy and turning DOWN the psychiatric medications? Maybe. Because one definition of mental health is being able to watch the crazy stories we tell ourselves without acting on them. This is what good therapy helps people do, but in America medications still reign supreme….
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Are You Dreaming?

Are you a LIGHT SUPREMACIST? What I mean is, do you privilege this waking state as being more real than the dream state or the deep dreamless sleep state? Some say we have it exactly backwards and this conventional waking state is actually the MOST shallow and LEAST real state there is….
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